Moosehead Bar
Grandmother and Granddaughter practicing
Judy Cameron practicing next to her granddaughter Rory Grant
The spacious Gowling WLG lounge
Little Rock Silver Medalists at CHCC Nov 19th, 2016
Skip: Connor Elkins, Vice: Zoe Armstrong, Second: Sidney Chapman, Lead: James Burns
Three Sheet Club
Farewell to our club that served us from 1957-2015
Gowling WLG Lounge
Charter Members
Carmine Luciani, Don Muldrew, and Ron Bedford
Ice Installation 2016-17
Ready for play as of 14-09-2016
Academy of Curling Clinics
Russ Howard, Grant Odishaw, Mary-Anne Arsenault, Brian Savill with Sunday teams
Hogline Junior Spiel Finals
U-18 Finals (McNamara vs Kelly, Wallingford vs Gray)
City View 28 - Manotick 27
City View wins the 2016 BBQ Scotch Doubles Challenge
City View Curling Club
50 Capilano Drive, Ottawa, ON

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25 November 2017

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