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    Youth Curling
    Class of 2017-2018
    Ice Installation 2016-17
    Ready for play as of 14-09-2016
    City View Curling Club
    50 Capilano Drive, Ottawa, ON
    Three Sheet Club
    Farewell to our club that served us from 1957-2015
    Charter Members
    Carmine Luciani, Don Muldrew, and Ron Bedford
    Team Fleming (2018 Scotland National Champions)
    Team Parks / Team Flemming Friendly March 14th, 2018
    Moosehead Bar

    Day Open Fixed (Monday, Wednesdays)

    The day fixed league is a fun league, if required you can use as many spares as required (must be a paid up CVCC member). Players may play any position they wish. Please try and field a team and not default your game. The 16 teams will be divided into 2 divisions, an A and B. Divisions will rotate between the 11 and 1 draw. It runs Monday and Wednesday and you can play one day or both.

    At the end of each round teams will be ranked 1 to 16 based on total points accumulated up to that point in the season. The top 8 teams will start the next round in the A division, the bottom 8 teams will start the next round in the B division.

    If two or more teams are tied at the end of a round, the tie breaking is as follows:

    1. head to head record over the course of the season
    2. fewest losses during the round
    3. number of points coming into the round
    4. coin toss

    Points are awarded as follows:

    • 10 pts for a win in A and B division
    • 5 pts for a tie in A and B division

    Please abide by the bell rule (no exceptions). When the bell goes finish the end you are on and one more. An end is deemed to be started once the first lead rock has crossed over the hog line. You should be off the ice by the scheduled end time, which means not starting an end less than 15 minutes before end time. The scheduled end time is 2 hours after the scheduled start time for the draw.

    If you are interested in joining this league or sparing contact Sid Webb at 613-224-5531 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Day Fixed (Wed) Draw Schedule 1 of 2

    Day Fixed (Wed) Draw Schedule 2 of 2

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