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    Farewell to our club that served us from 1957-2015
    Ice Installation 2016-17
    Ready for play as of 14-09-2016
    City View Curling Club
    50 Capilano Drive, Ottawa, ON
    Charter Members
    Carmine Luciani, Don Muldrew, and Ron Bedford
    Moosehead Bar
    Spacious Lounge (accommodates up to 150) available for rental
    Team Fleming (2018 Scotland National Champions)
    Team Parks / Team Flemming Friendly March 14th, 2018
    Youth Curling
    Class of 2017-2018

    This league is open to any member of CVCC who signs up to play, either for the entire season or on a pay-as-you-go weekly basis.  Games are played from 10:00 till noon with a lunch to follow. 

    There are two fees to choose from: a Seasonal league fee or a Pay-as-you-go Weekly fee for those who wish to play occasionally.
    - FF Seasonal League Fee is $210+HST and entitles the member to play the entire season of 22 games. Use the regular league signup to register in this case. 
    - Single game FF Pay-as-you-go is $15+HST and entitles the member to play a single game. Use this link to purchase.
    - 11-pack FF Pay-as-you-go is $125+HST and entitles the member to play any 11 games during the season. Use this link to purchase. 

    Weekly Participation: All players will be asked to submit a Google Form by Tuesday indicating their level of participation for the upcoming Friday (playing, playing plus lunch, lunch only, not playing). See below for links to the weekly Google Form. Seasonal League members have priority to play with any open slots being allocated to Pay-as-you-go members on a first-come/first-served basis. All teams will be scrambled from week to week depending on weekly registration.  
    Spares: There are no "spares" in FF so only members who have signed up for FF - either via the Seasonal Fee of the Pay-as-you-go Fee can participate. 

    Lunch: Each week a lunch will follow the draw, at noon. As is in previous years, volunteers can sign up to provide a light lunch for players who have signed for lunch, at a small cost to cover expenses. The volunteer lunch-makers list will be posted in the hallway near the change rooms. You will use the weekly Google Form to indicate if you are staying for lunch or not. 
    Weekly Signup Forms: Below are the links to the weekly sign-up forms for the upcoming weeks. 
    - October 13 (free session)
    - October 20
    - October 27
    - November 3
    - November 10
    - November 17
    - November 24
    - December 1
    - December 8
    - December 15
    - January 5
    - January 12
    - January 19
    - January 26
    - February 9


    Monday Open Doubles League


    For curlers of all experience levels, Monday Open Doubles consists of fixed, two-player open teams. Offering a balance of recreational-to-competitive play across 3 divisions and 3 weekly draws starting at 7:00pm, doubles is a fast-paced game that demands energy and attentiveness of all participants.

    This is what makes doubles so fun and interesting! With only two players, everyone has to call their own line, or choose to get up and sweep your own stones. Sweeping alone means switching sides can be a real advantage, and even skips need to be able to judge weight and sweep those stones to the button!

    It is a well-rounded game that gets everyone involved in the strategy, is challenging to even the most experienced curlers, while also being an excellent way to develop the skills for those newer to the sport of curling.

    League & Game format:

    • 24 teams across 3 divisions.
    • 2 players per team, 1 spare permitted in any game.
    • 3 rounds of play, each round is 8 weeks. 1 dedicated week at the end of each round to accommodate makeup games.
    • Draws at 7:00pm, 8:20pm & 9:40pm
    • Games are maximum 6 ends, played to the buzzer at 60 minutes indicating the last end of play.
    • Rules are the same as those in mixed doubles; 1 stone from each team is positioned at the start of each end, and players opt between throwing stones 1 & 5, or 2, 3 & 4 in that end. “Power Play” option can only be utilized once a game for each team.
    • Etiquette as is applicable to all other leagues. Players are encouraged to be courteous, be helpful and alert, and try your best to be respectful of pace and not delay the game.

    Points will be weighted across the 3 divisions as follows; 

    • 5,4,3 points for a WIN in A,B & C respectively
    • 2.5, 2, 1.5 points for a DRAW in A, B & C respectively
    • 0 points for a LOSS

    At the end of Rounds 1 & 2, the teams will be redistributed by total points as follows;

    • Top 6 teams in A remain
    • Bottom 2 teams in A drop to B, Top 2 teams in B move up to A
    • Middle 4 teams in B remain
    • Bottom 2 teams in B drop to C, Top 2 teams in C move up to B
    • Bottom 6 teams in C remain

    At the conclusion of Round 3;

    • The top team by overall points in pool A1 will be awarded the league trophy.
    • The top team by overall points in pools B1 and C1 will be awarded divisional plaques
    Link to League Rules
    Link to League Bulletin Board. (Google Sheets will be updated throughout the season to include FAQs, dates & deadlines, etc.)

    League Representative: Jason Newland,


    Our youth division supports the development of beginning and experienced curlers from ages 7 to 16 years old through our Little Rocks and Bantam programs. Coaching occurs on Sundays in two sessions (Session #1 - 11 am to 12:30 pm; Session #2 - 1 pm to 2:30 pm). This programs aims to provide a fun environment for children to learn the game, and provides opportunities for more competitive players. Capacity is 32 players and places go fast. The season runs from late October to April.

    The Special Olympics is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to providing year-round sports training and competition opportunities for individuals with an intellectual disability. The Special Olympics is an international movement and in Ottawa, sports programs benefit more than 600 local athletes.

    Curling is one of the sports offered and a Special Olympics team has been playing at the City View Curling Club since 1999.  Each year around 15 athletes sign up.  A few have been avid curlers for over 10 year.  Team members meet every Friday afternoon to learn about the sport and hone their skills.  Each year, “Fun spiels” provide an opportunity for friendly matches with other regional teams.  Our more experienced athletes also compete to qualify for Special Olympic events at the provincial level and beyond and to participate in the Special Olympics component of the annual Dominion Tankard.  

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